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Wedding Photographers Prices in Ireland

So you are putting your budgets together and you want to get a ball park of how much a Wedding photographer will charge?

So you’re looking to capture your wedding in a professional fashion, get the images in an album and the be able to order a couple of framed prints etc afterwards if you wish. As a ballpark you should realistically expect to pay somewhere in the region of €850 to €2300 for the photographer and album – everything else is extra. Naturally you can (and many do) pay more but I would honestly wonder about a photographer who charges less. Remember a register photographer has insurance and is a register business. Remember you get what you pay for.

While some may consider it easy money I can assure you wedding photographers work hard for their reward. It is not just the wedding day but you should expect to meet your photographer at least once before the wedding and then twice afterwards. He will shot, process and select images, present them to you in a professional fashion and then deliver what you ordered in the agreed time. In addition a professional photographer will have cameras and back up equipment to deal with equipment failure.

Please don’t  hire an uninsured photographer – for your sake don’t – and ask to see the documentation!

If you are looking for a really cheap photographer then this site is not for you ie really isn’t where you should be – but if you want a photographer who will capture your wedding and ensure you have memories that can be carried down generations then do please check us out.

Some more points you should consider when engaging a photographer:

  • Experience Level

    Has this person photographed in the field you are looking at? Does he/she do this for a living or for fun? Are they insured, do they have qualifications etc.

  • Appearance

    Does your photographer present himself well, is he/she well groomed?

  • Price Range

    Although, the last thing you want to do is shop by price, is this person within your budget? If not, is he or she worth the price difference? Make sure you understand what everything costs, including reprints, usage and albums.

  • Personality

    Is the photographer that you meet someone that you can get along with? Is the “chemistry” there?

  • Photographic Style

    Are the images that you are shown, what you would like to see? There are “buzz” words flying about everywhere about photojournalism, formal, classic candid, and so on. Do you want a mixture of black and white or only colour photos?

  • Offering

    What exactly are you getting. What about extra time, etc – but remember if you make extra requests on site these will be reflected in the final invoice.

  • Delivery

    Some photographers take longer than others – be sure to ask about this.

  • What about deposits and payments?

    Most photographers will require a deposit, this is only natural. What about cancellations and the photographer not being there? Is there a contract- why not?

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